EU has decided to open accession negotiations with Ukraine and will help it on its path towards EU membership.

A Joint Statement by the President of the European Council said that today marks a tragic anniversary: that of Russia’s full-scale war of aggression against Ukraine in manifest violation of international law and the UN Charter. Two years of violence, brutality, terror, and destruction. We shall never forget the initial shock of the attack, and the horror of the events in Borodianka, Bucha, and Mariupol.

Yet, despite all the continuing atrocities and suffering inflicted upon it across the country, Ukraine is standing firm. The heroic Ukrainian people are demonstrating fortitude and determination in defending their homeland and fighting for their freedom and our shared European values. The European Union will always support Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders. The illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol 10 years ago marks the beginning of Russia’s sustained aggression against Ukraine.

Russia and its leadership bear sole responsibility for this war and its global consequences, as well as for the serious crimes committed. We remain determined to hold them to account, including for the crime of aggression. Every day, Ukraine is facing the constant brutal and indiscriminate attacks of its aggressor. More than ever, we remain united and true to our promise to support Ukraine for as long as it takes. For the people of Ukraine, for peace and security in Europe, and for the rules-based international order to prevail.

The European Union will continue its strong and unwavering political, military, financial, economic, diplomatic, and humanitarian support to help Ukraine defend itself, protect its people, its cities, and its critical infrastructure, restore its territorial integrity, bring back the thousands of deported children, and bring the war to an end.

The European Union has decided to open accession negotiations with Ukraine which will help it on its path toward EU membership. The future of Ukraine lies in the European Union. The European Union will continue to provide Ukraine with regular and predictable financial support. The 50 billion euro financial assistance package for 2024-2027 will help Ukraine meet its immediate needs, rebuild its economy and society, modernize its institutions, and consolidate democracy and the rule of law.

We will continue to address Ukraine’s pressing military and defense needs, including deliveries of urgently needed ammunition and missiles. We have taken unprecedented actions at the EU level to ramp up European defense industry production, and we will continue to increase the capacity, which will allow us to step up our military support and cooperation with Ukraine while simultaneously strengthening our defense readiness and European sovereignty. We are also working on future security commitments that will help Ukraine defend itself, resist destabilization efforts, and deter acts of aggression in the future.

Russia and its leaders will pay a growing price for their actions. Together with partners, we have imposed unprecedented sanctions against Russia and those complicit in the war and remain ready to increase the pressure on Russia to limit its ability to wage war. We have also taken the first concrete steps towards directing extraordinary revenues stemming from Russian immobilized assets to support Ukraine. We will continue our targeted actions to further isolate Russia in international fora.

We support Ukraine’s Peace Formula for a just, comprehensive, and lasting peace based on the principles of the UN Charter and international law as well as all efforts towards a Global Peace Summit with the widest possible international support. Today, our flags will be flying side by side as a symbol of our solidarity, commitment, and resolve.





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