Olof Skoog is the next new EU Special Representative (EUSR) for human rights.

Today the Council appointed Olof Skoog as EU Special Representative (EUSR) for human rights succeeding Eamon Gilmore whose tenure of 5 years comes to an end on 29 February. Mr Skoog will take up his duties on 1 March 2024 for an initial period of two years.

The new EU Special Representative will continue the work of his predecessors to contribute to the implementation of the EU’s policy on human rights, EU’s positions on promoting compliance with international humanitarian law and support for international criminal justice. Furthermore, he will help establish a stronger European voice through dialogues on human rights with governments in third countries and international and regional organisations, as well as with civil society organisations and other relevant actors. The Special Representative will work closely with the European External Action Service and EU institutions to ensure the effectiveness and visibility of EU human rights policy in external actions.

Mr. Skoog is a Swedish diplomat with extensive national and EU experience across a wide range of positions. Most recently, he was Head of the Delegation of the European Union to the United Nations from December 2019 until August 2023.

EU Special Representatives are proposed by the High Representative to promote the EU’s policies and interests in certain regions and countries, as well as issues of particular concern or interest for the EU. They play an active role in efforts to consolidate peace, stability and the rule of law.

The first EU Special Representatives were appointed in 1996. Currently, ten EUSRs support the work of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell.


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