This election for the first time in 10 years reflects the aspirations of the people of Bangladesh to democracy : EU

In a Statement by the Spokesperson of EU on parliamentary elections in Bangladesh said ,Parliamentary elections took place in Bangladesh on 30 December 2018. Preliminary results were communicated by the Bangladesh election commission.

The mobilisation of voters and the participation of the opposition in the elections for the first time in 10 years reflect the aspirations of the people of Bangladesh to democracy. However, violence has marred the election day, and significant obstacles to a level playing field remained in place throughout the process and have tainted the electoral campaign and the vote.

The relevant national authorities should now ensure a proper examination of allegations of irregularities and commit to full transparency in their resolution.

The European Union expects the country to move forward towards democracy, respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms. We will continue to support the work in this context, in the interest of the people of Bangladesh.

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