Al-OthaimeenCalls for Monitoring and ResolvingChallenges Affecting Girls

The Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Dr Yousef Al-Othaimeen, addressed a call to the member states and relevant organs to intensify work on monitoring and resolving the challenges affecting girls across the Muslim world, enabling them to access adequate education and good-quality care.

There is need to improve the lives of girl children, especially those in difficulty in conflict-torn regions, those suffering under occupation, displaced and refugee children and rural girls, he underlined.

While celebrating the International Day of the Girl, marked on October 11 every year, Dr Al-Othaimeencalled for more efforts to uphold the rights of girls, giving them greater opportunity for a successful life, while raising awareness about forms of inequality against them.

For the record, the fifth OIC Ministerial Conference on the Child (Rabat, February 2018) recommended, inter alia, that studies on all types of violence against children and child labor in the Muslim world be conducted, in recognition of how catering to girlhood shapes the future of societies and drives all-round progress and prosperity in the Muslim world.

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