Islamic Solidarity Fund (ISF)Signs Agreement to Support Excelling Studentsfrom Yemen

The General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), represented in its financial arm, the ISF (Islamic Solidarity Fund), signed yesterday 24th July 2019, in Jeddah, a cooperation agreement with the Charitable Fund in Support of Excelling Students in Yemen, under which grants will be extended to excelling Yemeni students to pursue their studies in certain Member States, according to well-defined rules and criteria.

HE the OIC Secretary General, Dr. Yousef Bin Ahmed Al Othaimeen, attended the signing ceremony of this agreement which comes within the framework of the OIC’s humanitarian efforts in favor of the Yemeni people and as a boost for intra-OIC Islamic Solidarity through the extension of humanitarian aid, through the OIC’s various organs including the ISF which has been playing a pivotal role in that regard.

The ISF, indeed, has contributed to the extension of emergency aids and to the execution of various humanitarian projects in Yemen through the construction of health clinics, the extension of support to public charities and the construction of schools, at an overall cost amounting to 3.5 million US Dollars.

The agreement was signed, on behalf of the ISF by its Executive Director, Mr. Ibrahim Abdullah Al Khozeim, and on behalf of the Charity in Support of Excelling Students from Yemen, by Dr. Omar Abdullah Bamahsoun, chairman of its board of administration. The agreement carries scholarship programs for outstanding Yemeni students to pursue their studies in a host of Member States’ universities and in specialties that are congruent with the labor market demand such as medicine, pharmacy, engineering and technology.

After the signing ceremony, HE the OIC Secretary General, Dr. Yousef Bin Ahmed Al Othaimeen, reiterated the importance of cooperation between the Islamic Solidarity Fund (ISF) and the Charitable Fund Institution in support of Excelling Students, which benefits students in the Member States and those in search of developmental education opportunities, with a view to expand the reach of education and scientific and vocational training.

He noted that the OIC General Secretariat was keen to ensure that the scholarships extended by the ISF will be of a high degree of quality and professionalism in all the scientific, administrative, cultural and social fields envisioned and offered by the Member States’ universities.



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