OIC General Secretariat Calls on Member States and Humanitarian Organizations to Commemorate Orphan’s Day

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) calls on all its Member States and humanitarian organizations to undertake all kinds of relevant actions to raise awareness of the issues of orphans and their needs, on the occasion of the Orphan’s Day in the Islamic World, which is set for the 15th of Ramadan, proceeding from a desire of the Organization to honor the orphans, to remind the masses in all the Member States of their sufferings and to urge them to make increased efforts in extending relief and protection to them.

The General Secretariat aims to dedicate this orphans day to encourage Member States and humanitarian and cultural organizations to take care of orphans. It is also an occasion to remember the suffering of this group, which lost its parents.

It is worth noting that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation had launched a special program for the welfare and protection of orphans, after the Tsunami catastrophe that hit Indonesia and a number of other states,and the organization attaches great importance to this group of the society in all its humanitarian and social programs.

The 40th session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers, which was held in Conakry, Republic of Guinea on 9-11 December 2013, had issued a resolution setting the date of 15 Ramadan of each year as the Orphan’s Day in the Islamic World to raise awareness about their issues and needs.

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