OIC Rejects Honduras Decision to open a Diplomatic Mission in Occupied Al Quds

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) expressed its firm rejection and condemnation of the decision taken by the Republic of Honduras to open a diplomatic mission in the occupied city of Al Quds/Jerusalem to be linked to its embassy in Tel Aviv, a move which the OIC condemns as illegal and in full violation of the UN resolutions regarding Al Quds, and particularly UN Security Council resolution No. 478 which calls on any state that has opened a diplomatic mission in Al Quds to close it down and remove it from the Holy City.

The OIC also invited the Government of Honduras to rescind this decision and honor its legal and political commitments under international law and legitimacy, and urged it to adopt supportive stands in favor of the achievement of peace based on the Two-State solution, and to steer away from any steps that might prejudice the historical, legal and political status of the occupied city of Al Quds.

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