UN Resident Coordinator Gwyn Lewis calls on Foreign Minister, Discussion on possible ways to raise funding for humanitarian assistance for Rohingya refugees.

UN Resident Coordinator (UNRC) in Bangladesh Ms. Gwyn Lewis called on Foreign Minister Dr. A K Abdul Momen, MP, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During the call on,  a discussion was held, among others, on the Rohingya situation. The Foreign Minister called upon the UN, especially the UNHCR, to assist Bangladesh in the ongoing efforts for the repatriation of forcibly displaced Rohingyas.

The discussion was also held on possible ways and means to raise funding for humanitarian assistance for the forcibly displaced  Rohingyas as per the Joint Response Plan 2023. Dr. Momen also asked for the UN’s more engagement in the humanitarian operations in Bhashan Char.

The UNRC informed about UN Secretary General’s new initiative about ensuring early warning for natural disasters; and expressed willingness to work with Bangladesh Government in this regard.

Ms. Gwyn Lewis also discussed the recently concluded LDC5 Summit in Doha and expressed hope that the cooperation between Bangladesh and the UN on LDC issues would continue.

The discussion also took place on the ongoing democratic process in the country including the next National Parliamentary Election; on which Foreign Minister reiterated the Government’s strong commitment to holding a free and fair Election. He also underscored Bangladesh’s continued cooperation with the UN and international community on human rights issues, including the recent visits of several UN Special Procedure mandate holders to Bangladesh.

They also discussed upcoming major events in the UN, including the upcoming SDG Summit. The UNRC informed that the UN is looking forward to extending further support to Bangladesh in realizing the SDGs, especially in some priority areas to be determined by Bangladesh.

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