91 people including Bangladeshis have been evacuated from Sudan and the Bangladesh government advised its nationals not to travel to Sudan.

The Royal Saudi Naval Forces with the support of various branches of Armed Forces have been able to evacuate 91 people including Bangladeshis from Sudan, said the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
In a message issued on Saturday, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs said “In the implementation of the direction of the Kingdom Leadership, we are pleased to announce the safe arrival of the citizens of the Kingdom who were evacuated from the Republic of Sudan as well as several nationals of brotherly and friendly countries, including diplomats and international officials.”
 The number of citizens who were evacuated reached 91 citizens, while the number of people who were evacuated from brotherly and friendly countries reached approximately 66, representing the following nationalities—Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Tunisia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, the Philipines, Canada, and Burkina Faso it said.


Earlier, the Bangladesh government advised its nationals not to travel to Sudan due to uncertainties caused by the current situation there. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a notification in this regard on Saturday, Fighting between forces loyal to rival generals in Sudan has so far left 300 people dead.

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