Bangladesh Foreign Minister Calls for Proactive Engagement of International Community for Sustainable Repatriation of Forcibly Displaced Rohingyas.

Bangladesh expects International Community, in particular UNHCR, to enhance their activities in Rakhine in creating an environment conducive to the sustainable repatriation of the persecuted Rohingya to Rakhine”- Foreign Minister Dr. A K Abdul Momen made this remark during the call on by visiting United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and Under-Secretary-General Filippo Grandi at State Guest House Padma in Dhaka today. He added that proactive engagement of the international community in confidence-building among the Rohingya people is crucial for a sustainable repatriation. He thanked UNHCR for its continued engagement in the humanitarian operations for the forcibly displaced Rohingyas.

Bangladesh Foreign Minister highlighted the introduction of informal education for the Rohingya children under the Myanmar Curriculum in Myanmar Language, skill development activities, livelihood opportunities, health facilities, etc. both in Cox’s Bazar and in Bhasan Char. He expressed hope that these initiatives would facilitate their reintegration into Myanmar society upon return.

Foreign Minister Momen urged the UNHCR High Commissioner to engage with Myanmar with the view to create a conducive environment in the Rakhine State for early repatriation. The High Commissioner informed that his organization is making efforts in this regard and assured that he will further pursue this. He underscored that the UNHCR is on the same page with Bangladesh concerning the voluntary and sustainable repatriation of the Rohingyas to Myanmar.

Bangladesh Foreign Minister expressed concern over the presence of a huge number of persecuted and displaced Rohingyas, which might have multifaceted ramifications on the entire region. He mentioned that Rohingya, over time, are getting frustrated due to uncertainty over the repatriation and thus are increasingly engaged in criminal activities like drug and human trafficking. Also, the prolonged stay of the displaced population is creating tensions among the local population, he added, underscoring the need for undertaking projects for the well-being of the local population.

The High Commissioner lauded Bangladesh for temporarily sheltering and generously providing for such a huge number of displaced Rohingyas. While sharing his experience of the visits to Cox’s Bazar Rohingya Camp and Bhasan Char, he mentioned the ardent aspirations of all the Rohingyas he met to return to Myanmar at the earliest. He assured to extend all sorts of support to Bangladesh in ensuring sustainable repatriation of the Rohingya to Rakhine. He also informed that the UNHCR and other international agencies are undertaking a number of projects for the benefit of the local population in Cox’s Bazar.

While highlighting various aspects of Bhasan Char, Foreign Minister emphasized the full engagement of UN systems in Bhasan Char to provide humanitarian assistance for all the relocated Rohingyas on the island. High Commissioner Grandi reiterated to continue providing necessary support to the Government of Bangladesh for Bhasan Char. He underscored that ensuring the sustainability of the Bhasan Char project is important and all should work together on this.

Mentionable, High Commissioner Filippo Grandi arrived in Bangladesh on 21st May. He traveled to Cox’s Bazar from 21st May to 23rd May and visited Bhasan Char on 24th May. He will depart Dhaka for Geneva on 25 May 2022. This is his fifth visit to Bangladesh.



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