A webinar was held between business leaders of Morocco and Bangladesh to promote trade and investment.

As part of the Bangladesh government’s diplomatic efforts on economic and trade expansion, a webinar has taken place between the business leaders of Bangladesh and Morocco at the initiative of the Bangladesh Embassy in Morocco. FBCCI President Mahbubul Alam, DCCI President Ashraf Ahmed, FBCCI Senior Vice President Md. Amin Helali spoke in the webinar. Hassan Saki, President of the Chamber of Rabat-Saleh-Kenitra region of Morocco gave the welcome speech. Highlighting the trade benefits  from both sides the two presentations were upheld In the  webinar, On behalf of FBCCI, Secretary General Md. Alamgir presented detailed information on business-trade-investment opportunities in Bangladesh. Apart from this, the representatives of the Bangladeshi business community of garment, jute, processed food, and plastic industries presented their speeches.

In this webinar conducted by Harun Al Rashid Ambassador of Bangladesh to Morocco, several steps were discussed and decisions were taken to increase the trade-tourism between the two countries. These include exchange of business delegations between the two countries, organization of trade fairs, and increased communication between the business communities of the two countries. Ambassador Harun Al Rashid said his mission is sincerely working to expand trade between the two countries. He called upon the business communities of the two countries to come forward to make the initiatives of the embassy to increase trade and investment between the two countries aiming for success. He also sought the cooperation of all concerned to continue the process.

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