Bangladesh Ambassador to the United States urges expatriates to spread country’s language, culture among all

Bangladesh Ambassador to the United States Muhammad Imran has urged the Bangladeshi diaspora in the USA to spread the country’s rich language, culture, and heritage among all.

Paying his deep respect to all language martyrs and Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, he termed the great Language Movement as an unforgettable event in our national life and called upon all to uphold the spirit of immortal Ekushey.

The Ambassador was speaking as the chief guest at a function in Arlington, Virginia on Saturday evening on the occasion of “Mohan ShaheedDibosh” and International Mother Language Day.

DC Ekushey Alliance, a platform of various socio-cultural organizations in and around the US capital region, organized the event under the supervision of Dhaka University Alumni Forum Inc (DUAFI).

Describing the background of the language movement, Ambassador Imran mentioned that the movement taught the Bangalees not to tolerate injustice and inequalities and not to bow down to repressive forces. The spirit of immortal 21 February gave us endless inspiration and courage in achieving self-determination, struggle for freedom, and the War of Liberation led by Bangabandhu, he said.

The Bangladesh Ambassador also highlighted the importance of protecting the endangered languages and cultures of smaller communities under the threat of extinction.

Mr. Christian Dorse, Chair of the Arlington County Board, addressed the function as the special guest, while its members also spoke on the occasion.

The Chair of the Arlington County Board referred to Bangladesh’s initiatives for realizing recognition of the 21st of February as International Mother Language Day and mentioned that Bangladeshi people fought for the preservation of their own language and culture in 1952 and then presented it as a gift to the rest of the world.

On the occasion, a colorful cultural function was arranged which featured the performing of chorus songs and group dance, recitation of poems, and staging drama by Bangladeshi and foreign artists.

Later, the Ambassador and the officers of the Bangladesh Embassy paid tributes to the language martyrs by placing a floral wreath at the makeshift ShaheedMinar on the dais. Leaders of all the participating organizations also paid respect to the martyrs with floral tributes at the ShaheedMinar.


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