Bangladesh High Commissioner to Australia called upon expatriates to invest in Bangladesh and participate in the public pension scheme.

Bangladesh High Commissioner to Australia M Allama Siddiqui called upon expatriates to invest in Bangladesh as well as encourage foreigners in this field. He also called upon Bangladeshi expatriates to participate in the universal pension scheme.

The High Commissioner called for a seminar on universal pension schemes and legitimate remittances organized by the Bangladesh High Commission in Canberra, the capital of Australia.

The High Commissioner said that in the long term, the country, including expatriate Bangladeshis, will benefit through this scheme. In this case, the state will guarantee a monthly pension at the end of the specified period along with proper utilization of the invested money to the participants in this scheme. He said remittances sent by expatriates are contributing significantly to the country’s economy. Allama Siddiqui mentioned that the capacity of Bangladesh has increased many times. Bangladesh has come a long way in various indicators of social development including infrastructure development and poverty alleviation.

Speakers present at the seminar thanked the government for introducing a separate scheme for expatriates in the universal pension scheme. They also requested to simplify the banking system of Bangladesh by sending remittances through legal channels. Expatriate Bangladeshis of various professions including brave freedom fighters, businessmen, university teachers, doctors, and high commission officials were present in the seminar. At the beginning of the program, High Commission Counselor (Labor and Welfare) Md. Salahuddin presented a PowerPoint on Universal Pension Scheme and Legal Remittance.


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