Bangladesh High Commission’s warning to those who are going to Australia for employment.

Bangladesh High Commission, Canberra has requested those who are going to Australia with a visa for employment to be careful. Bangladesh High Commission has noticed that some dishonest individuals and organizations are stealing millions of dollars from those who are interested in getting work opportunities in Australia. The Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Employment and Bangladesh High Commission, Canberra have been requested to take assistance in verifying the documents. At the same time, everyone is also requested to be aware of the necessary information regarding the country’s visa.

There is a visa called Temporary Skill Shortage Subclass 482 (Temporary Skill Shortage Subclass 482) for temporary and permanent visa workers in Australia. There is no age limit for this visa. In this case, skilled and professional workers from Bangladesh have the opportunity to work in Australia. A sponsor (employer) approved by the Australian government is required to obtain the visa. In addition, educational qualification in the relevant occupation, especially for trade occupations, Certificate-3/4 (III/IV) or Diploma as per the Australian Qualification Framework is required. For occupations of skill level 1 level. Bachelor’s or Master’s level educational qualification is required. At least 3-4 years of full-time work experience is required in any profession. An employment letter, last 2 years salary statement, and bank account statement is required to prove the experience. If there is no educational qualification in the relevant profession, 5-6 years of Experience is required. However, even if there is no educational qualification in the related profession, if there is real work experience, through the Recognition of Prior Learning (Recognition of Prior Learning), a professional educational certificate can be obtained from a certain number of colleges in Australia. Depending on the profession, the IELTS score is required to be 5 to 6. IELTS Also other recognized tests like TOEFL, and PTE are acceptable.

Foreign workers are required to have their work skills verified by some authorities in Australia. However Bangladeshi passport holders are not required to have their skills verified for some occupations. They are Automotive Electrician, Cabinet Maker, Carpenter, Carpenter & Joiner, Diesel Motor Mechanic, Electrician (General), Electrician. (Special Class), Fitter (General), Fitter & Turner, Fitter-Welder, Joiner, Metal Fabricator, Metal Mechanic (First Class), Motor Mechanic (General), Panel Beater, Pastry Cook, Seat Metal Trade Worker, Toolmaker, Welder (First Class).Workers coming to Australia on a Temporary Skill Shortage visa have an annual salary of at least 70,000 Australian dollars.

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