Dutch NGOs have pledged to continue their development assistance to Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh Embassy in Hague convened the Third Conclave of Dutch NGOs, Foundations that are active in Bangladesh. Ten distinguished experts and development practitioners shared perspectives and insights from the grassroots as well as ideas about the future i.e.what can be done. It’s an intense two- hour of intense discussion, on Inclusion, Climate Action, and Livelihood. Ambassador Pascalle Grotenhuis, Director-General (Int’l Coopn) Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken addressed, as the keynote speaker.

The Dutch NGOs have pledged to continue their development support for Bangladesh, saying that the country is an “open and liberal society” and a “living lab” contributing to many sustainable solutions, social cohesion, and climate resilience.

Addressing the conclave, Bangladesh Ambassador to the Netherlands M Riaz Hamidullah elaborated on how people of the two deltaic nations connect to innovation, resilience, and entrepreneurship despite differences in capacity and knowledge.

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