Empowerment of women is phenomenal in Bangladesh ,says Ambassador Abida Islam ,

In continuation to highlight the initiatives and achievements made by the present Government in its journey towards development, the Embassy of Bangladesh, Seoul, organized a Seminar titled “Developmental Journey of Bangladesh: Role of Expatriate women in Korea” on 10th November 2018 at its premise. This is the first ever such Seminar arranged by the Embassy dedicated to the cause of women only. A good number of Bangladeshi female students and teachers from different universities in South Korea including other professionals attended the Seminar.

In her introductory remarks, Ambassador Abida Islam stated that empowerment of women is phenomenal in Bangladesh, She emphasized on the sustained efforts of the present government and accomplishments in attaining the empowerment of women in all spheres of national lives. Pointing out that women constitute almost half of the population, she mentioned that without their active participation, development goals of Bangladesh could not be attained.

During the Seminar, the participants discussed issues related to the participation of women in the decision-making process of the family and the society, the prospects, and challenges of working women, the importance of their education in attaining SDG goals; their development and empowerment in the national and global perspective. They also recommended to treat women with more dignity and respect, value their contributions in the family and the society, prevent their mistreatment in all places especially in social media, create congenial working environment and easy access to politics, introduce women-friendly transport and lavatory facilities, create awareness among them about their rights and privileges including sexual harassment. There was active involvement from the floor during the question and answer session.

The Seminar was first in its nature and highly appreciated by the participants and the audience. The role of the Embassy was commended for arranging such an interactive Seminar.


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