“Inspired by the foreign policy of our Father of the Nation, Bangladesh has been taking a value-driven approach to the UN peacekeeping operation” –Ambassador Masud Bin at the UN

“Inspired by our Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as he espoused, “Friendship to all and Malice towards none” as a cornerstone of our Foreign Policy and owing to our constitutional obligation, Bangladesh has been taking a value-driven approach to the UN peacekeeping operation” said Permanent Representative (PR) of Bangladesh to the UN Ambassador Masud Bin Momen in his statement at the Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations (C-34) meeting at UN Headquarters, today.

Mentioning Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s significant contribution to UN Peacekeeping Operations in all its dimension, the PR said, “Our Prime Minister is fully committed to Secretary General’s (SG) ‘zero tolerance policy’ against all forms of sexual exploitation and abuse by peacekeepers. Following this policy, the peacekeepers of Bangladesh are working in the United Nations peacekeeping operations. Prime Minister participated in Secretary General’s (SG) High-level Meeting on the Action for Peacekeeping agenda (A4P) in September 2018 and expressed her deep commitment to this important global agenda”.

The PR also mentioned, “Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is a member of the Circle of Leadership on the prevention of and response to sexual exploitation and abuse by Peacekeepers. We are also party to the SG’s Voluntary Compact to eliminate sexual exploitation and abuse”. Ambassador Masud upheld the full support of Bangladesh to the United Nations for its peacebuilding and ‘sustaining peace’ efforts as well as to SG’s ‘surge in peace diplomacy’ initiative.

To make the C-34 committee well-functioning in today’s complex, demanding & dangerous situation where Peacekeepers continue to face growing, unconventional and asymmetric threats from non-state actors, the PR emphasised on the need for a frank dialogue on the future direction of UN peacekeeping in the days ahead under C-34 platform. In this Regard, Ambassador Masud emphasized on seven points to ensure the efficiency and sustainability of the UN Peace keeping operations, these are: 1) strengthening the triangular relationship among the Troop and Police Contributing Countries, Security Council and the Secretariat for mandate setting and review. 2) Improving the safety and security situation of the Peacekeepers on the ground.  3) Integrated performance evaluation for all peacekeeping components based on data, evidence and impact assessment as well as availability of needs-based, predictable resources. 4) Standing strongly behind SG’s zero tolerance policy against all forms of sexual exploitation and abuse. 5) Redoubling efforts to increase the number of female peacekeepers. 6) Finding out new and innovative ways of limiting environmental footprints. 7) Use of technological advancements (drones etc.) by peacekeeping missions without compromising any national sovereignty issue of the host country.

C-34 is the principle committee of UN General Assembly that regularly reviews the UN peacekeeping operation in all its aspect and dimensions for providing future guidance.

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