The Bangladesh Embassy in Seoul participate in the Seoul Friendship Festival 2018

The Embassy of Bangladesh in Seoul participated in the Seoul Friendship Festival held at the City Hall, Seoul on 01-02 September 2018 organized regularly by the Seoul Metropolitan Government since 1996. 70 countries including Bangladesh participated in this festival with handicrafts in one stall and food in another.

At the craft stall, various kinds of Bangladeshi products made of jute, leather, brass, clay, traditional jewelries etc. were displayed. Mehedi painting also pulled a huge crowd in the stall.

At the food stall, the foreigners and Koreans praised the traditional food items including panta (fermented rice), piaju, samosa, pakora etc.

Bangladesh also performed in the ‘Music Café’. The cultural performance with traditional music and dance was lauded by the audience. Eight cultural troupes from different countries and cities performed on the stage.

On 01 September 2018, the Seoul City Mayor Mr. Park Won-soon inaugurated the Festival with the presence of the ambassadors, diplomats from the participating countries. After the inauguration, the mayor along with the dignitaries visited different stalls including the Bangladesh stall.

Participation of this sort of festival is important to promote the rich cultural heritage of Bangladesh among the Koreans and foreigners living in Korea. Additionally, it will further strengthen the bondage between Bangladesh and the Republic of Korea.


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