MoU signed on transfer of Knowledge and Innovations for Black Tiger Shrimp Production in Bangladesh

Embassy of Bangladesh in The Hague organized a seminar on ‘Shrimp Technology : How Bangladesh can be benefitted through Cutting-edge Dutch Technology’ on 27 February 2019 where more than 40 participants from different academic and research institutes, marketing agencies from The Netherlands as well as a high level visiting delegation from Bangladesh led by Mr. Raisul Alam Mondal, Secretary, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock of Bangladesh and comprising representatives from Government and Business organization were present.

The objective of organizing the seminar was to promote the shrimp sector of Bangladesh through adopting sustainable aquaculture practices as well as marketing of Bangladeshi shrimp products in the Dutch markets. In the seminar, Director General, Department of Fisheries of Bangladesh, Mr. Abu Sayed Md. Rashedul Haque, presented a presentation on “Black Tiger Shrimp of Bangladesh” and the Dutch experts (Mr. Roel Bosma from Wageningen University and Research, Mr. Marcel Kloesmeijer from Octofrost, Mr. Arjen Roem from Skretting and Mr. Robbert Blonk from Hendrix Genetics BV) presented their presentation on i) potential of mangrove integrated shrimp farming systems, ii) high-tech shrimp cooking and freezing technology, iii) latest developments in shrimp feed nutrition and iv) feed management and latest development of shrimp genetics.

The 25 member Bangladesh delegation is paying a 6 day visit to The Netherlands to get firsthand technological knowledge for further development of shrimp and aquaculture sector of Bangladesh.  The main purpose of this visit is to explore market as well as knowledge driven avenues for sustainable production of Bangladesh’s world renowned black tiger shrimp. It may be noted that the principal destination of Black Tiger Shrimp is European market, where The Netherlands tops the list both in terms of value (USD 89.82 million in 2017-18) and volume. The Dutch organization- Solidaridad Network Asia, Seafood Trade Intelligence Portal and The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) jointly organized the visit, where manufacturers/ exporters from Bangladesh had the opportunity to interact with the leading importers of shrimp in the EU.

About 60 leading importers from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany were engaged in a day long brainstorming session in Utrecht, The Hague and Amsterdam to facilitate expansion of Bangladesh’s famous black tiger shrimp in the EU market. Importers in the Europe are almost unanimous that Black Shrimp Tiger is their number one choice due to almost organic nature of production. They have suggested that Bangladesh should invest more for research and development of Black Tiger shrimp through collaboration with the leading EU research institutes and universities.

In continuation of this effort, the President of Bangladesh Shrimp & Fish Foundation (BSFF) Mr. Syed Mahmudul Haque and Mr. Neil Manchester, Managing Director, Hendrix Genetics Aquaculture BV have signed a multi-year long Memorandum of Understanding for exchange of knowledge and innovations from Hendrix Genetics BV to the Shrimp sector in Bangladesh. It is mentionable, BSFF is a leading organization in Bangladesh which has been working to promote Black Tiger Shrimp in Bangladesh while Hendrix Genetics is an international research enterprise which has offices and establishment almost across the globe.

Bangladesh’s famous brand Black Tiger Shrimp is highly sought after item in the European chain stores and restaurants where they call it ‘Free Range Chicken’ from the ponds of Bangladesh given its near organic process of production in Bangladesh.

Mr. Raisul Alam Mondal, Secretary, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, Government of Bangladesh thanked all the distinguished presence, especially Hendrix Genetics for their interests towards working with Bangladesh. He urged the Dutch companies to take the advantages of Blue Economy of Bangladesh as it is still not explored to the fullest.

 President of Hendrix Genetics BV Mr. Thijs Hendrix urged Bangladesh to make the famous Dutch Triple Helix Model a regular practice so that entrepreneurs, academics and government executives could work together.

 In his concluding remarks, Bangladesh Ambassador to The Netherlands Sheikh Mohammed Belal thanked the Dutch organizations and academics for their eagerness to work with Bangladesh and hoped that with the application of Dutch Philosophy – doing more with less –Bangladesh would be able to bring a revolutionary change in her shrimp sector in terms of quality, quantity and sustainability.

At the end, all the guests were served dinner along with a dish of famous Bangladeshi Black Tiger shrimp.


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