Museum of Art in Queretaro, Mexico, welcomed the enchanting eight-week-long photography exhibition, “Bangladesh in Frames,”

The prestigious Museum of Art in Queretaro, Mexico, welcomed the enchanting eight-week-long photography exhibition, “Bangladesh in Frames,” on March 11th, 2024. This inaugural event marks a significant milestone as the very first cultural endeavor from Bangladesh to grace Queretaro’s cultural landscape.

Having previously captivated audiences during its debut on Paseo de Las Culturas Amigas, Reforma, Mexico City, from February 7th to March 7th, 2023, and later touring all five campuses of the University of Colima , in the State of Colima, in September 2023, the exhibition now promises to enthrall visitors in the State of Queretaro until May 12th, 2024.

With a collection of 41 evocative photographs, “Bangladesh in Frames” offers a compelling portrayal of Bangladesh’s landscapes, culture, socio-economic activities, and the empowerment of women—elements pivotal to the nation’s developmental journey. The inclusion of photographs by acclaimed photographers like Mustafiz Mamun and Abdul Momin brought a unique dimension to the exhibition.

The inauguration ceremony, graced by approximately 30 esteemed guests, including Museum Director Antonio Arellano Barquet, Coordinator of International Relations and Government Innovation of the State of Queretaro Nury Gonzalez Rivas, and Secretary of Culture Marcela Herbert Pesquera, was ceremoniously officiated by Ambassador Abida Islam.

Director Antonio Arelle Barquet expressed sincere gratitude for the collaboration between Queretaro’s governmental institutions and the Embassy of Bangladesh in Mexico City, underscoring the significance of such cultural exchanges in nurturing cross-cultural understanding.

Coordinator of International Relations of the State of Querétaro Nuri Gonzales affirmed the commitment of her Government in providing support to the Embassy in all its endeavors and expressed hopeful anticipation for the future of cultural exchange between Bangladesh and Mexico.

Secretary of Culture Marcela Herbert Paskera extended heartfelt gratitude to the Ambassador and expressed genuine delight in experiencing the rich culture and way of life of Bangladesh. She expressed aspirations for enhancing bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Mexico.

Ambassador Islam extended gratitude to the local government of Queretaro and the Museum for hosting the exhibition, expressing hope for deeper cultural exchanges in the future.

Following the inauguration, attendees were treated to a guided tour of the exhibition by Ambassador Islam, immersing themselves in the captivating narratives depicted in the photographs. The event was further elevated by the introduction of traditional Bangladeshi cuisines, adding a flavorful dimension to the cultural exchange.


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