Seminar with Bangladeshi students held in Seoul

As a part of holding ‘Development Fair’, the Embassy of Bangladesh in Seoul organized a seminaron 30 September 2018 titled ‘Possible role of Bangladeshi students studying in Korea in the development of Bangladesh’. About 80 Bangladeshi students studying in different Korean universities actively participated in the event.The event was organized with the support of ‘Bangladeshi Students’ Association in Korea (BSAK)’, an organization of Bangladeshi students in Korea.

In her introductory remarks, Ambassador Abida Islam welcomed the students giving an overview of the socio-economic development of Bangladesh. She then urged the students to make greater contribution to the economic development of Bangladesh.After the introductory remarks, she invited the students to discuss on different issues related to the development ofBangladesh. The speakersmade presentations on the issues of industry and commerce, education, research, IT research, Korean investment in Bangladesh and tourism, cultural differences between Bangladesh and Korea, agriculture, biological research, and the role of women etc.The speakers also suggested fostering deeper cooperation in the education sector with Korea.

The presentations captured the issues related to education system, economy, research,and development of Bangladesh as well as of Korea. The speakersexpressed their commitment for making contribution in the economic development of Bangladesh in their deliberations. The presentations were followed by an exchange of views and a Q&A session.

In her concluding remarks, the Ambassador said that the Embassy will take the suggestions seriously and take every necessary step to address them.Finally, the Ambassador concluded the programmethanking the students forspontaneously participating in the event.

The students were served with Bangladeshi food items after the seminar.


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