The Embassy of Bangladesh to Seoul observes “International Migrants Day-2022.

The Embassy of Bangladesh in Seoul observed the “International Migrants Day-2022” favour and festivity today on 18 December 2022 at the Embassy premises. Twenty-six (26) Bangladeshi EPS workers in six categories which include sending the highest amount of foreign exchange, staying under the same employer for the longest period of time, receiving awards from the Korean Government, attaining language proficiency and engaging in voluntary services. Ten (10) Korean employers were honoured for employing the highest number of Bangladeshi EPS workers.

The official event of the day commenced with reading out of the messages of the Hon’ble President and Hon’ble Prime Minister. Counsellor (Labour) Ms Mokima Begum then gave a brief speech mentioning the contribution of the expatriate workers in the growth of the economy of Bangladesh as well as the economy of the host country.

Ambassador Delwar Hossain, in his remark, congratulated all the Bangladeshi remittance warriors and highlighted their important contributions to the socio-economic development of both Bangladesh and the Republic of Korea. He called upon the workers to uphold the image of Bangladesh through their loyalty and hard work. He highlighted the efforts of the Government at the national and international levels to expand overseas employment opportunities and welfare of the expatriate workers. He also put forward the plans of the Embassy to expand the Bangladeshi labour market in Korea. In his speech, he stressed sending remittance through official channels. He also stressed on attending skill development training programs organized by the Korean government.

The next session was the awarding ceremony. The awardees received awards and certificates of appreciation from Ambassador Delwar Hossain.

The award-giving ceremony was followed by a photo session.



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