The Netherlands reassures support for the implementation of Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100.

The Netherlands reassured to support Bangladesh to implement Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100. The Director-General International Cooperation of the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Reina Buijs expressed Dutch government’s readiness in this regard to the visiting high-level delegation from Bangladesh to the Netherlands led by Dr. Shamsul Alam, Member GED (Senior Secretary), Planning Commission during a meeting today at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague. The Dutch Director-General also reassured to continue technical cooperation as well as encouraging Dutch private sectors’ engagements for the effective implementation of Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100, particularly in the areas of land reclamation, river dredging, flood defence, and capacity development, etc.
_Bangladesh delegation meets with Dutch Delta Commissioner
 Bangladesh Ambassador to the Netherlands Sheikh Mohammed Belal referred to the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s invitation to the Dutch Prime Minister to visit Bangladesh for the ceremonial launching of Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 and suggested that an official visit by the Dutch Prime Minister accompanied by a water and delta management related business delegation would usher in new beginning in bilateral cooperation between the two countries. The Ambassador also sought Dutch support under the broader framework of Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 for mitigating long-term flood risks and adverse impacts of climate change through basin-wide water management. The Dutch Director General hoped that a visit by Dutch Prime Minister to Bangladesh accompanied by a business delegation would result in tangible cooperation between the two countries in the implementation of Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100.
Member GED and Bangladesh Ambassador to the Netherlands hand over Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 to Dutch Delta Commissioner

Earlier in the day, the delegation held a meeting with the Dutch Delta Commissioner Mr Peter Glas at his office. Congratulating Bangladesh for its visionary delta plan, the Dutch Delta Commissioner also assured their support for the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100, especially in sharing with Bangladesh the Netherlands’ 1000 years of delta management experience.

Bangladesh delegation expressed to the Dutch dignitaries sincere appreciation of Bangladesh government to the Dutch government for their technical assistance in formulating Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 and hoped that the Netherlands would continue to support Bangladesh to implement the Plan in the days ahead. The Dutch side assured to continue their support in implementing Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 to better manage water resources of Bangladesh and mitigate the adverse impacts of climate change.

Bangladesh delegation meets with Dutch delegation led by Director General International Cooperation

A 4-member Bangladesh delegation comprising of Dr. Shamsul Alam, Member GED (Senior Secretary), Planning Commission; Mr. Md. Nurul Amin, Secretary, Planning Division; Mr. Saurendra Nath Chakrabhartty, Secretary, Statistics and Information Division; and Mr. Md. Anwar Hossain, Joint Secretary, Economic Relations Division is visiting the Netherlands from 28-31 July 2019 as part of Bangladesh government’s initiative to frame appropriate transition strategy.

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