Bangladesh Prime Minister mourns the loss of lives due to the outbreak of ‘Coronavirus’ in China

Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister & President of Bangladesh Awami League expressed her deep condolences for the loss of lives due to the outbreak of ‘Coronavirus’ in Wuhan city and other places in China. Prime Minister conveyed her sincere sympathy for the families of the victims.

In a message written to Xi Jinping, the President of China & General Secretary of CPC, Sheikh Hasina expressed her firm conviction that the Government of China will be able to face and stop the aggravation of the situation with utmost capacity and control. She mentioned that establishing a taskforce and building emergency hospitals to address the crisis is timely and praiseworthy.

Prime Minister assured that the people and the Government of Bangladesh are with the friendly people and the Government of China to address the crisis. Sheikh Hasina mentioned the readiness of the government of Bangladesh to extend any help to mitigate the plight of the victims. She also extended her sincere thanks for taking well care of a good number of Bangladeshi citizens living in China at the tragic moment of Coronavirus outbreak.

Sheikh Hasina extended her sincere appreciation for the able leadership and commitment of Xi Jinping to his country and people. She also mentioned that Xi Jinping’s prudent leadership has elevated China to a different height of development. China has become a global model of development due to his dynamic leadership, she added. Prime Minister appreciated the contributions of the Chinese President in the international arena and Asian Region in particular.

“The relation between Bangladesh and modern China established a solid foundation with the visit of the father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to China in the year 1952 and 1957. China-Bangladesh relations have further strengthened under your undisputed relationship,” she mentioned.

Sheikh Hasina expects the presence of Chinese President in Bangladesh at the inauguration ceremony of Bangabandhu’s Birth Centenary during the ‘Mujib Year’ to be held on 17 March 2020. She wishes China’s continued peace, progress and prosperity.


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