34 diplomatic members including 24 heads of missions of various countries and international organizations including the European Union participated in the outreach program at Cox’s Bazar.

Ambassadors, High Commissioners Charges of Affairs, and heads of missions of international organizations visiting Cox’s Bazar today visited the historic Rangkut Banashram Buddhist Shrine located in Ramu, Cox’s Bazar. Meanwhile, the diplomats were fascinated by the 2,300-year-old Mahamati Buddha memorial. On the last day of the two-day ‘Ambassadors Outreach Program’ organized by the Ministry of External Affairs, the ambassadors visited various places in Cox’s Bazar today.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Under the leadership of Hasan Mahmud, the diplomats reached Cox’s Bazar by special train after visiting Chittagong Naval Academy and Karnaphuli Tunnel in the ‘Ambassadors Outreach Programme’.
In the morning at the Rangkoot  Banashram Buddhist shrine, the Viharadhyaksha K Sri Jyotisen Mahathero welcomed the guests. He presented the historical account of Bihar before the diplomats. The Biharadhyaksha conveyed the region’s long-standing tradition of communal harmony to mission heads abroad.
During the visit, the Mission Chiefs visited the Riddhimoya Buddha image containing the Buddha statue and paid their respects there. They visited the Buddhist antiquities preserved in different places in Bihar. Later local children and teenagers performed songs and dances in honor of the visiting diplomats. Diplomats are entertained with local pitha puli and fruits.
While expressing their feelings about the visit to Cox’s Bazar, the heads of various missions told about the immense potential of Bangladesh’s tourism sector. They opined that the ‘Ambassadors Outreach Program’ will play an important role in exploiting the tourism potential of Bangladesh. They mentioned that the communal harmony of Bangladesh is an extraordinary example for the whole world.
Biharadhyaksha Jyotisen thanked the Ministry of External Affairs for organizing the ‘Ambassadors Outreach Programme’. He mentioned that such programs will raise the awareness of Bangladesh among foreigners.
Later, the diplomats visited Labani Tourist Market in Cox’s Bazar. They visited various handicraft shops and bought souvenirs there.

In the afternoon, the diplomats returned to Dhaka on a Bangladesh Biman flight.Additional Foreign Secretary Dr. Senior officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs including Nazrul Islam were present on the occasion.
It should be noted that 34 diplomatic members including 24 heads of missions from various countries and international organizations including European Union, Russia, China, Korea, Italy, Denmark participated in this outreach program.

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