Bangladesh called for an immediate ceasefire with adequate humanitarian access to Gaza and West Bank.

Today Foreign Minister Dr. Hasan Mahmud  met with the Fatah Central Committee Secretary General Lt. General Jibril Rajoub in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who has been in a 3-day working visit to Dhaka.

The Foreign Minister and the Secretary General exchanged views on the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip. The Secretary General apprised him on the ongoing Israeli atrocities in Gaza and West Bank leading to an unprecedented genocide, infrastructure destruction and containing the access of humanitarian assistance, resulting in famine in Gaza.

During the meeting, the Secretary General informed him about the Israeli Prime Minister’s illegal new annexation plan for the post-war Gaza by establishing new settlement units in Gaza and imposition of Israeli Occupation Forces’ control over Gaza, West Bank and beyond.

The Secretary General expressed his thanks and gratitude for the Bangladesh government’s stances in support of the Palestinian cause including support at the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

The Secretary General sought Bangladesh’s continued support through sustained communication with the International community to increase pressure on the Israeli government to stop the war and its renewed attempts of ethnic cleansing aimed at reducing the chances of achieving sustainable peace based on a two-state solution.

The Foreign Minister expressed his deepest sympathy for the civilian casualties including children and women and hardships in the difficult humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip. He called upon the international community for a concerted effort to stop this war and called for an immediate ceasefire with adequate humanitarian access to Gaza and West Bank. He re-assured the Secretary General that our Hon’ble Prime Minister’s robust stance for the cause of Palestine at the international platform will continue. He also urged the Secretary General to work for an alternate measure to end the war in Gaza achieving a consensus of the Arab countries.

They also discussed a number of current issues to further develop the traditionally friendly relations between Bangladesh and Palestine.

Earlier today in the morning, the Secretary General called on the  Prime Minister of Bangladesh where he apprised the latter of unfolding humanitarian catastrophe in Palestine.


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