Business Meeting and seminar on Animals meals and fats , From Animal byproducts takes place in Bangladesh

Report by Humayun kabir ,

Two days long on September 23rd and 24th, 2018  a Business Meeting and seminar on Animals meals and fats , From Animal by products  hosted by the Brazilian Renderers Association (ABRA)  has been taking place  at  Dhaka , Bangladesh.

It is for the first time that a Brazilian business delegation hosts this kind of event which will significant contribute to increase bilateral cooperation between Brazil and Bangladesh concerning poultry industry.

where 17 Business delegates from Brazil have participated and highlighted  various aspects of  Brazilian businesses,They have said at the seminar, Brazil is the 3rd largest Cattle Exporter country across the world .Now a stable situation has been prevailing in the field of business sectors of Brazil for investors , Therefore, we call for Bangladeshi Business holders to invest in different business  sectors of Brazil .

Eliana De Lara Costa, Official Veterinarian Auditor , Ministry of Agriculture , Livestock and Food Supply Secretariat of Animal and Plant Health Animal Health Department , Brazil highlights various type of issues related to the seminar by the projector .                                                                          Picture – Ashim Benedict Palmer.

Picture – Ashim Benedict Palmer.

Brazilian Ambassador to Bangladesh  Mr. João Tabajara de Oliveira Júnior has said , Since I arrived one year ago , things started moving between Brazil an Bangladesh . I just became aware that a group of brilliant Bengali Businessmen are working on the establishment of a Bangla Brazil Chamber of Commerce (the BBCC)  on the other margin of the global“river”, there are echoes of the same movement. Everyone involved in Brazil and here agrees that direct trade and above all , direct contact between the private sectors is the first step to increase our exchange relations and overcome the growing costs of trade and price price  manipulation of intermediaries.

Ambassador added  that , Brazil wants and needs to discover Bangladesh and its potentials and vice – versa .

He said, I am sure that talks and exchange and the contacts to be established during this seminar ,will become fruitful and will generate long lasting partnership .

Picture – Ashim Benedict Palmer.

Mr.Mashiur Rahman, President , Bangladesh Poultry Industries Central Council (BPICC ) as well as other Businessmen of Bangladesh were present at the seminar.

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