Farewell reception for Japanese Ambassador Hiroyasu Izumi held in his residence

On September 17, farewell reception was held for Ambassador of Japan, Mr. Hiroyasu Izumi who is leaving Bangladesh after completing his two-year tenure in the country. Distinguished guests from the government of Bangladesh, prominent Bangladeshi organizations, diplomatic missions and Japanese societies were present during the reception. The Ambassador commenced with a farewell speech, thanking Bangladeshi and Japanese friends for their kind cooperation and devotion to promote Japan-Bangladesh relations in his tenure.

“It was a great pleasure and a badge of honor for me to serve as an ambassador to Bangladesh. Diplomatic ties between our two countries have further strengthened after reciprocal visits conducted by Foreign Ministers of Japan and Bangladesh respectively. PM Sheikh Hasina’s visit to Japan has set an important milestone in our bilateral relations. I would also like to thank the government of Bangladesh for providing substantial security for Japanese nationals and companies. As a result, a number of Japanese companies are re-increasing. I hope our amicable relation, including cultural and educational arenas, will reach new heights as I look forward to the 50th anniversary of Japan-Bangladesh diplomatic relations in year 2022” he said.

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