Australian government is committed to work with Bangladesh to support Rohingyas in need at camps at Cox’s Bazar.

The Australian government has said it is committed to working with Bangladesh to support Rohingyas in need at camps in Cox’s Bazar.
The Australian government has provided AUD 70 million for protection and medical services, particularly for vulnerable women and girls, shelter for Rohingya people and support to the host community, since September 2017.
Seven Australian parliamentarians visited Cox’s Bazar from August 6-9 to observe the humanitarian response to the Rohingya crisis, said Australian High Commission in Dhaka on Sunday.

This visit was arranged as part of the Australian Aid & Parliament Project, an initiative of Save The Children Australia, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
The delegation was highly appreciative of the government of Bangladesh and its ongoing efforts to support Rohingya people.
Commenting on the humanitarian community’s response, opposition representative, Shayne Neumann MP said, “They’re undertaking efforts in incredibly difficult and challenging circumstances and I’m thankful for the opportunity to see their commitment to helping those in need.”
The Australian Aid & Parliament Project provides Parliamentarians with a direct experience of aid programming, allowing them to see for themselves the effectiveness, benefits and positive impacts of the Australian Aid programme and humanitarian response in
The delegation visited a range of projects supported by Australian Aid, including a Care Women Friendly Space, Plan Temporary Learning Center, Oxfam WASH facility and World Food Programme food distribution point.
The delegation also visited BRAC’s Community Empowerment Program to learn how the Rohingya crisis is affecting the host community in Cox’s Bazar.
During the visit, Luke Howarth MP said, “It’s important to know that Australian aid is being invested well.

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