Japanese Grant Aid for “the project for Improvement of Rescue Capacities in the Coastal and Inland Water” Signed

The signing ceremony of “the Project for Improvement of Rescue Capacities in the Coastal and Inland Waters” was held at Economic Relations Division (ERD) of Ministry of Finance on August 26, 2018. H.E. Mr. Hiroyasu Izumi, Ambassador of Japan to Bangladesh, and Mr. Kazi Shofiqul Azam, Secretary of ERD signed the Exchange of Notes representing respective governments.

The marine resources in the coastal area occupy an important position for the national economy of Bangladesh. Marine resources and Sea Lines of Communications (SLOCs) are becoming increasingly important for the national economy in situations where land resources are rapidly depleting. Furthermore, inland waters transportation has been developed using large and small rivers flowing through Bangladesh, and fisheries on sea area and inland waters area are also active. Large-scale natural disasters and ship accidents have occurred in such domestic inland water area and coastal area in Bangladesh, and many people have been injured.

Under this background, the grant aid cooperation provides around 2.7 billion Japanese Yen for coastal rescue boats to strengthen maritime rescue and disaster relief capabilities in coastal and inland water areas of Bangladesh and to contribute to mitigation of damage caused by ship accidents and natural disasters in coastal and inland waters, which are operated by Bangladesh Coast Guard.

It is expected that the boats will contribute to the effective disaster response activities and reduce the sufferings of the marginalized people living in disaster prone areas of the country and profoundly contribute to the social and economic advancement of Bangladesh.


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