One thousand origami cranes flew from camp in Cox’s Bazar to Hiroshima

One thousand origami paper cranes folded by hundreds of displaced persons in Cox’s Bazar flew to Hiroshima and conveyed their wish and message for peace to Japanese people.  On April 16th, Japanese Ambassador Hiroyasu Izumi and Mr. Diek Hebecker, Representative of UNHCR in Japan handed the colorful one thousand origami cranes dedicatedly folded by displaced persons who fled from Myanmar to Mr. Shiro Tani, Vice Mayor of Hiroshima City.

Displaced persons in Cox’s Bazar made one thousand origami paper cranes, praying for peace. They heard about the tragedy of atomic bombing in Hiroshima that killed many people at once in 1945, and a story of Ms. Sadako Sasaki who passed away at the age of 12, due to after-effect of atomic bombing. ‘These people from Myanmar were forcibly placed in the most difficult situation, yet they still feel compassion to other people who faced difficulties.  Such sympathy they showed and wish for peace are more precious than anything else.  I hope that many Japanese people will learn more about the cruel situation they are facing and feel compassion toward them’ said Ambassador Izumi.

The handover of one thousand cranes were widely covered by Japanese media. It will be displayed in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

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