The Art of Japanese Calligraphy” begins at the National Art Gallery and will remain open at the same venue until May 25.

The Embassy of Japan and Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy jointly organized “Shodo Workshop – The Art of Japanese Calligraphy” at the National Art Gallery No.3 of Shilpakala Academy. Ambassador IWAMA Kiminori and his wife attended the workshop. Ms. Syeda Mahbuba Karim Mini, Director, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, welcomed all the participants.

The calligraphy workshop was conducted by a Japanese calligraphy artist, Ms. Satoko Azuma. She gave a lecture on the philosophy of Japanese calligraphy and demonstrated calligraphy with a giant brush.

“Shodo literally means ‘the way of writing’, which is actually the art of writing characters on paper with brush and ink. It is one of the most highly regarded, and profoundly traditional art forms in Japan, having been developed and practised since the 5th century. Shodo requires diverse techniques accompanied by a flow of brush and ink, essentially with an inner spiritual concentration.”

“I believe the cultural exchange between Japan and Bangladesh will be a very effective instrument in strengthening our existing bilateral relations. I hope today’s Shodo Workshop will effectively promote the cultural exchange.”

Then, special guests tried out calligraphy with a large brush. Japanese and Bangladeshi children, students, dignitaries, and other participants had the opportunity to experience Japanese calligraphy under the guidance of Ms. Azuma. The works will be displayed on the wall of the gallery and the calligraphy exhibition will remain open at the same venue until May 25.


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