The Heads of Mission of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland visited Cox’s Bazar in regard to the ongoing Rohingya crisis.

We reiterate our high appreciation of the continued humanitarian and other assistance provided to the Rohingya refugee population by the Government and the people of Bangladesh, including by the local communities around Cox’s Baza r.  

We also commend the excellent work done by the humanitarian agencies in facing this crisis. The strong collaboration between the Bangladeshi Government, local actors and the international community through the UN, INGOs and NGOs has been key to this response.  

The UN agencies, NGOs and INGOs involved in the humanitarian response are playing instrumental roles in Cox’s Bazar, not only to alleviate the suffering of the refugee population but also to support the host communities. We encourage the Government of Bangladesh to continue its close collaboration with the humanitarian organizations, to preserve humanitarian operational space, and to enable them to function in a free and unimpeded manner and in a safe and secure environment. 

The Rohingya population who has sought refuge in Bangladesh need safety, security and dignity. A safe and secure situation in the camps and surrounding areas in Cox’s Bazar must be upheld, in which refugees and host communities are protected and can feel safe. 

 We note with concern that the conditions for return of the Rohingya refugees to Rakhine State in Myanmar in a voluntary, safe, dignified and sustainable manner are not yet met. The international community must work jointly to urge and support steps by Myanmar towards a situation where this will be possible.

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