Bangladesh – Myanmar agreed to start repatriation the Rohingya Refugee soon

The second meeting of the Joint Working Group (JWG) on the Repatriation of Displaced Myanmar Residents from Bangladesh was held in Dhaka with Foreign Secretary of Bangladesh Mr. Md. Shahidul Haque and U Myint Thu, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar leading the respective side.

The JWG discussed all issues related to safe, dignified and sustainable return of the forcibly displaced Myanmar residents. The Bangladesh side emphasized on creating conducive environment in Rakhine State including safety and security of the returnees, rebuilding villages, access to livelihood, freedom of movement and so on. Both sides exchanged information on the preparation for starting the repatriation and implementation of bilateral agreements signed between the two countries. The JWG  discussed relevant details as to the involvement of UN agencies particularly UNHCR and UNDP by both countries in the repatriation process. Myanmar is in the process of reaching an agreement with the UNHCR.

The meeting elaborately discussed the issue of National Verification Card (NVC). Bangladesh side sought clarification on the NVC process. The Myanmar side assured that with the NVC card, which will be issued immediately upon return, the returnees will be able to pursue job in Rakhine State.

Bangladesh side emphasized on verifiable concrete information from Myanmar side so that it could be shared with the Rohingyas in Bangladesh for building their confidence to go back to Northern Rakhine in Myanmar. Both the sides agreed to start repatriation soon and expressed their resolve to work together for removing obstacles to implement the bilateral instruments on repatriation.

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