The 11th National Parliamentary Election was much freer, fairer than the previous elections: Election observer group.

Election Monitoring Forum and Saarc Human Rights Foundation in its primary evaluation have said that yesterday’s election was much freer and fairer than the previous elections.

“Due to participation of all the political parties and earnest efforts of the Election Commission, the nation has got the gift of a fair, beautiful and influence-free election,” according to a statement of the election observer group.

Festive atmosphere was seen among the voters, the statement said.

All the officials involved with the voting process tried to do their best so that the voters can exercise their democratic rights with ease, it added.

A total of 5,765 from 31 organisations under the EMF actively observed the election on the voting day, says the statement.

EMF presented the statement signed by Prof Mohammad Abed Ali, executive director of the rights groups, at a Meet the Press programmep this morning.Some of the foreign members of the foundation were also present at the press briefing.

While addressing the programme, Tania Dewan Foster, one of the foreign observers, said voters could franchise their voting rights confidently amid sufficient security.This is the best example of an election in Bangladesh, which will remain an example for the world, said Advocate Mohammad Ali from Nepal.


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