The importance of the agency in accessing Portuguese companies in third countries outside the European Union has been highlighted – Felipe Santos Costa, president of AICEP.

AICEP is committed to diversifying markets, including 𝗖𝗮𝗻𝗮𝗱𝗮́, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Japan, with 150 actions to support internationalization, in more than 40 countries, and four million for promotional actions.

Filipe Santos Costa, President of AICEP, highlights the importance of the agency in accessing Portuguese companies to third countries, outside the European Union.

Providing business opportunities, facilitating access to new markets and increasing the visibility of the national offer, through missions, trade fairs, promotional campaigns and others are in the plan to boost the success of Portuguese companies.

Furthermore, the National Program for External Promotion Actions (PNAPE) of Business Associations already has around 15 million euros in financial incentives from COMPETE for 2024. There are also additional financing opportunities with COMPETE2030 notices, making a total of €126M for 2024.

With a +5.2% increase in exports of goods and services from January to November 2023, Portuguese companies are consolidating their global position.

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