India election results 2019: BJP storms to power with unprecedented show in decades, Congress accepts defeat, Modi’s swearing-in ceremony likely on May 30.

Election in the world’s largest democracy has concluded where 67.11 per cent of the 909.9 million eligible voters in India had cast their votes to reelect BJP and Narendra Modi for yet another term of five years.

BJP wins 303 seats

BJP wins 303 seats as Election Commission of India announces results for all the constituencies. Congress could manage only a distant 52 seats and hence won’t be eligible for the title of Leader of the Opposition, which requires a minimum of 54 seats.

Final party position.

Modi’s swearing-in ceremony likely on May 30 .

Prime Minister Narendra Modi may be sworn-in for the second term on May 30 and some world leaders could be invited for it, making it an event bigger than the 2014 when heads of governments of SAARC countries were invited, reports say. Before his swearing-in, Modi is likely to visit Varanasi to thank the people of the parliamentary constituency from where he has been elected for the second time with a huge margin of 4,75,754 votes. Sources in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) said the Prime Minister is in no hurry for the swearing-in as he wants to invite some world leaders for the event to send a message across the globe about how the general elections embodied the strength of Indian democracy, the largest in the world.

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