Portugal celebrates the 50th anniversary of Freedom Day with massive enthusiasm.

Report by Humayun Kabir from Lisbon Portugal.

Marques de Pombal, It’s a historical place located in the heart of Lisbon. On the 25th of April, since noon people from all walks of life started gathering here with colorful rallies and processions from different parts of the city. Within an hour, this crowd turned into a mass gathering. The extent of which spreads from this square to Restauradores Square known as the Independence Square of Portugal. With the participation of more than half a million people, this gathering organized to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Portugal’s Carnation Revolution and Independence Day turned into a mass gathering and festival.

The revolution began in Lisbon on 25 April 1974, and 50 years ago this April 25 ended a long dictatorship and re-established democracy in the country. Known as the Carnation Revolution, this was a virtually bloodless, leftist, military-led coup. Also known as Freedom Day, every year on April 25, the government of Portugal commemorates the non-violent uprising and celebrates the day with elaborate festivities and programs.

On the occasion of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution and Freedom Day, the participants greeted each other with flowers and shared the ideas of freedom and anti-colonialism. Participants are also seen as very ecstatic and relieved.

It is not only a celebration of historical liberation, but many believe that it is a celebration of the determination to build a more free and promising future for the nation.

To Mark the 50th anniversary of Freedom Day and 25 of April.  Earlier, fireworks are displayed at one minute past midnight.

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