Moscow will contribute to success of Trump-Kim meeting: Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that for the settlement on the Korean Peninsula all the interested countries should develop guarantees of North Korea’s security. Moscow offers joint economic projects between North and South Korea.

“We will be waiting for the outcome of the meeting between [US] President [Donald] Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and will contribute to the success of this meeting in every possible way,” the Russian head of state stressed in an interview with China Media Group in the run-up to his visit to China.

He also shared his vision of steps to settle the situation on the Korean Peninsula after the US-North Korea summit scheduled for June 12.

“The next stage is multilateral participation of all the interested states, chiefly regional ones, in the development of security guarantees [for North Korea,]” Putin said. He affirmed that Moscow’s proposals – “trilateral economic projects between Russia and the northern and southern parts of the Korean Peninsula” – will be on the table. “These are chiefly infrastructural projects. We are talking about the construction of a railroad, let’s say (and, by the way, China could join these projects as well), between Russia and North and South Korea. We are talking about the installation of a gas pipeline,” the Russian president said.

“The construction of various other energy facilities could be dwelled on as well,” he said. “There are numerous prospects for joint work both in the three-and four-party format; it is just necessary to move in this direction,” the Russian leaders affirmed.

Source – Russain News Agency.

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