UAE campaign raises $17.7m to support Rohingya refugees , From the UAE for Rohingya Children and Women aims to help more than 1.2 million refugees.

A nationwide campaign in the UAE to support Rohingya refugees has raised a total of AED65 million ($17.7 million).

From the UAE for Rohingya Children and Women aims to escalate the UAE’s efforts from providing emergency humanitarian assistance to sustainable programmes that help meet the growing needs of education, food, health services, water, sanitation and shelter materials for more than 1.2 million refugees, including 720,000 children, 240,000 women, and 48,000 elderly people.

An Emirati humanitarian alliance was formed last month, in which about 20 humanitarian and development organisations and societies are working to achieve the aspirations of the country’s leadership to alleviate the suffering of refugees and help them overcome the crisis.

The campaign was launched across the country through a joint broadcast on TV channels.

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