US National Security Adviser John Bolton discusses potential Russia-US summit in Moscow.

Preparations for a potential Russian-US summit is among the issues brought up by US National Security Adviser John Bolton at his current meetings in Moscow, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed on Wednesday.

While in Moscow , Ambassador Bolton is meeting with President Vladimir Putin and other senior Russian officials to discuss United States-Russia relations, as well the potential for a Presidential meeting,” she tweeted.

Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov earlier told reporters that “Bolton’s key contacts will take place in the Russian Security Council, with the Foreign Minister, and he will also contact with Presidential Aide Ushakov” and President Putin himself.

The Kremlin spokesman would not disclose the agenda of the meeting and declined to specify whether it will be part of preparations for potential bilateral negotiations between Putin and US President Donald Trump.

The meeting between Lavrov and Bolton in Moscow has already ended, having lasted an hour and a half. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the parties discussed Syria, Ukraine and Russia-US relations.

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