Very productive talks” have been held with North Korea on reinstating the summit with leader Kim Jong-un : US President Donald Trump.

In a tweet, Mr Trump said the meeting could still take place on 12 June in Singapore “and if necessary will be extended beyond that date”.

He cancelled the summit on Thursday, blaming the North’s “open hostility”.

But North Korea later appeared conciliatory, saying it was willing to talk “at any time in any form”.

Shortly before Mr Trump’s tweet, the South Korean presidency said it was thankful that the “summit embers are not put out and it is coming back to life”.

Whether or not the talks will take place in just over two weeks’ time is, frankly, anyone’s guess, the BBC’s David Willis reports from Washington.

Summit meetings of this kind usually involve months of detailed planning and some analysts have expressed disquiet that private discussion of policy differences appears to have been replaced by “diplomacy by tweet”, our correspondent adds.

Source – BBC

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