We have worked hard together to support Ukraine – EU Council President Charles Michel.

while addressing at  the European Council the  EU Council President Charles Miche  said, I would like to welcome you, dear President, dear Volodymyr here in Brussels.Today you will once again address the European Council. This is an important moment. In recent weeks, we have worked hard together to support Ukraine. We are in a position to make some positive announcements.

First, today we will sign additional bilateral agreements. Security agreements with Ukraine are important because they send the message that we intend to support Ukraine for as long as it takes. We want to be operational; we want to be concrete.

Second, we remember when you decided to apply to become an EU member and we decided to grant Ukraine candidate status. A few days ago we started accession negotiations with Ukraine; this is an additional step and it shows your personal determination and your leadership.  It also shows the political will of the people of Ukraine to join the EU and to put in place the reforms that are extremely important.

Third, it is important to get more support to Ukraine — more military support and more financial support. We have also decided to target Russia’s frozen assets, especially the revenues from the frozen assets. We have made important decisions at EU level. This is important because it means that in the weeks and months to come, the first disbursement will be concrete and effective. We are also working with the G7 partners to provide an additional package of €50 billion.

We are giving the signal that we are not intimidated by Russia.  We are motivated and determined because the Ukrainians are fighting to defend their future, their land, and the future of their children. They are also fighting to defend our common values, our common dreams for more peace, more prosperity, and more security.

I commend your leadership in the peace summit that took place in Switzerland. It was important to rally the international community, to express our support for the values of the UN Charter, especially the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of Ukraine. Dear Volodymyr, here in Brussels you are at home. We want to support you. Thank you once again for joining us.




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