OIC-CFM Condemns Attack on Oil Facilities in Saudi Arabia

Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), H.E. Dr. Yousef A. Al-Othaimeen, asserted that the OIC Ministers of Foreign Affairs unanimously condemned, in the strongest terms, targeting two Saudi Aramco oil facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais (east of Saudi Arabia). This was on the sidelines of their extraordinary meeting held on 15 September in Jeddah to discuss “Israeli Prime Minister’s Stated Intention to Annex Territories in the Occupied West Bank.”

In a statement on Sunday, Al-Othaimeen indicated that the OIC Ministers of Foreign Affairs expressed their condemnation of the terrorist incident and noted the official statements by Member States, non-Member States and regional and international organizations that condemned and denounced these attacks, which destabilized and targeted the global energy supply and the global economy.

The OIC Ministers of Foreign Affairs expressed their countries’ solidarity with Saudi Arabia in all measures it takes to confront terrorism and maintain its security and stability, praising the pivotal role it plays in combating terrorism. They also called for a serious stand against this sinful aggression and those who are behind it and support its perpetrators. They considered that compromising the security of Saudi Arabia is equivalent to compromising the security and cohesion of the entire Muslim world.

During their meeting with the OIC Secretary-General, the OIC Ministers of Foreign Affairs requested him to inform the United Nations and regional organizations of this action and prepare a report thereon for the next CFM.

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