Bangladesh High Commission Ottawa Canada celebrates Bengali New Year-1431, with great enthusiasm and fervor.

Bangladesh High Commission, Ottawa, Canada celebrated Pahela Baisakh and the Bengali New Year-1431, with great enthusiasm and fervor. A special event, chaired by the Bangladesh High Commissioner in Canada Dr. Khalilur Rahman, took place at the auditorium of the Bangladesh High Commission. The event was attended by High Commission officials and members of the Bangladeshi community living in Canada.

At the beginning of the event, officers of the High Commission read out the messages by the President and Hon’ble Prime Minister on the occasion of Pahela Baisakh and Bengali New Year 1431. This was followed by the welcome address by  the High Commissioner.

In his welcoming address, Dr. Khalilur Rahman said that Pahela Boishakh has evolved into a symbol of the non-communal Bengali tradition. He highlighted the significance of UNESCO’s recognition of the Pahela Boishakh Mangal Shovajatra as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of mankind in 2016, attributing it to the diplomatic efforts of the Government led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Mangal Shovajatra promotes pluralism and secularism, fostering an environment of coexistence regardless of the differences in religions, castes or creeds. He underscored the festival’s role as an antidote against religious extremism and intolerance, promoting unity and tolerance over division. He also noted that Pahela Baishakh revitalizes a sense of patriotism and Bengali identity worldwide and energizes the Bengali nation.

Following the High Commissioner’s address, attendees participated in a vibrant Mangal Shovajatra organized by the High Commission to celebrate Pahela Baisakh. The event concluded with a vibrant cultural program featuring spontaneous performances by the Bangladeshi-Canadians.

The High Commissioner extended a vote of thanks to all attendees, marking the end of the program.





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