Bangladesh praised for her strong support to security cooperation with USA

A US General Tuesday profusely praised the Bangladesh military for its impressive record of achievements since its very founding, saying the leadership and extensive participation of Bangladesh army in the UN peacekeeping and peace support initiatives were acclaimed by the international community.

Lt. Gen Daniel R. Hokanson, the Vice Chief of the National Guard Bureau of USA, said Bangladesh has 7,000 troops and police personnel in UN peacekeeping missions around the world providing security as well as assistance in the areas such as medical care and engineering expertise.

The US General made the remarks while speaking as the guest of honor at the 47th Armed Forces Day reception at Bangabandhu Auditorium of Bangladesh embassy in Washington, D.C.

Maj Gen A C Roper, the Deputy Chief of Army Reserve of USA, attended the event from Pentagon as special guest.

Bangladesh Ambassador to the USA Mohammad Ziauddin and Defense Attaché Brig Gen Moinul Hassan, SPP, ndc, psc spoke on the occasion.

Ambassador, senior officials from Pentagon, Department of State and other US organizations, members of the Bangladesh Armed Forces, Bangladeshi diaspora and officials of the embassy largely attended the event.

Gen Hokanson said Bangladesh deserves high praise for its generous humanitarian efforts for Rohingyaand providing shelter to one million refugees.

On Bangladesh-US military cooperation, the US General appreciated Bangladesh’s strong support to security cooperation relationship between Bangladesh army and the US National Guard that began in 2008.

He said working together, learning from each other and sharing resources, the two forces have become stronger together to address challenges posed by increasing conflicts in regions and global security environment.

“Our security cooperation has also deepened our understanding and friendship” between the people of the two countries, he said.

Gen Hokanson also lauded the Bangladesh army’s impressive contribution to defense and security not only of Bangladesh but also the international community.

Ambassador Ziauddin said Bangladesh is proud of its Armed Forces. Their sacrifices and contributions during Bangladesh’s liberation war have been invaluable. Besides, in times of natural and manmade calamities, they have becomes indispensable for their human services.

The Ambassador said the Bangladesh armed forces are also involved in internal and external security, countering terrorism and extremism, combatting smuggling and human and drug trafficking.

On Bangladesh-US cooperation, the Ambassador said the US government supports Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s endeavors to modernize the country’s armed forces. He appreciated the US for its technical assistance in setting up BIPSOT and making it into a globally reputed institute for training UN peacekeepers.

He also mentioned the installation of automated identification system to enhance the capacity of the maritime security of Bangladesh. US Navy Staff Talk is planned to be held next year, he added.

Defense Attaché of the embassy Brig. Gen. Moinul Hassan delivered the welcome address.

Video clips highlighting the significance of the Armed Forces Day were screened and a celebration cake was cut at the reception.



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