Croatia expresses its interest in recruiting quality human resources from Bangladesh says Ambassador Sheikh Mohammed Belal.

Croatia’s Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Labour and Pension System Drazen Opalic said that his country will soon forward a draft MoU to Bangladesh for this purpose.

Once the MoU is signed, necessary preparations will be put in place for recruiting human resources from Bangladesh. Opalic said that this time they want to hire doctors, nurses, ICT experts, tourism workers, construction workers, among others, from Bangladesh.This interest was conveyed to Bangladesh Ambassador Sheikh Mohammed Belal recently when he met Opalic.

Opalic told Belal that this year they are willing to issue licenses for 51,000 manpower, mostly from within Europe and a smaller number from outside Europe, said the Bangladesh Embassy in The Hague on Wednesday night.Ambassador Belal apprised the Croatian Minister about Bangladesh’s capacity to provide both skilled and un-skilled manpower in all possible sectors that they may need.

He also requested Opalic to visit Bangladesh to see for themselves the arrangements that the government had put in place for orderly process of migration with necessary skill.This government to government initiative will be developed in consultation of both the countries and relevant agencies in a way so that the cost of migration and other preparation for imparting relevant skills will be duly worked out.

The meeting was attended by representatives from Croatian Employment Agency, Ministry of Labour and Pension System and Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.Earlier, Ambassador Belal also had a meeting with Petar Uzorinac, acting Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Croatia in his office.

Among other issues, the issue of recruitment of manpower from Bangladesh was also discussed. Bangladesh Embassy in the Netherlands is also concurrently accredited to Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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