The 73rd Anniversary of Vietnamese National Day and 45th Anniversary of Vietnam – Bangladesh diplomatic relations is celebrated in Dhaka.

Report by Humayun Kabir,

The 73rd Anniversary of Vietnamese National Day and 45th Anniversary of Vietnam – Bangladesh diplomatic relations has been celebrated by Vietnam Embassy to Bangladesh on 2nd September 2018 in Dhaka.

On the occasion of this day the Vietnam Ambassador Mr.Tran Van Khoa said, over the recent years, Viet Nam has achieved significant success. Especially, Viet Nam’s socio-economy in 2017 achieved a miracle with breakthroughs. All socio-economic development targets were fulfilled and overfulfilled, much higher than six years before. GDP growth rate reached 6.81%. Export turnover gained 213.8 billion USD. Trade surplus was 2.7 billion USD. Viet Nam attracted 36 billion USD of FDI. Viet Nam welcomed 12.9 million international tourists. Progress was also made in social security, building of new rural areas, hunger alleviation and poverty reduction, health care, education.

Mentioning the bilateral relationship between the two countries the Vietnam Ambassador Mr.Tran Van Khoa said, Viet Nam and Bangladesh enjoy an excellent traditional friendship on the basis of historical similarities and the shared values of independence, peace, cooperation and development. Currently, our traditional friendship has attained a new height when the President of Viet Nam, H.E. Mr. Tran Dai Quang paid an official visit to Bangladesh in March 2018. During the visit, Leaders of the two countries agreed to further promote and develop our relations, especially in terms of trade. I am happy to see that bilateral trade has reached 924 million USD in 2017, a 57% increase against the previous year. It is the highest trade value between the two countries so far. However, the trade balance is still in favour of Viet Nam. Therefore, to narrow down the trade gap and also to increase our bilateral trade value to 2 billion USD by 2020, our two countries’competent authorities need to tap into potentials and strengths of each country in seeking suitable measures to expand, enhance and deepen our bilateral relations.

                                                                                                                           Picture – Ashim Benedict Palmer

He added that ,Viet Nam commends the Government and people of Bangladesh for the success in poverty reduction, the promotion of social equality and justice and sustained economic growth. It is my strongly hope that these achievements will lay solid foundations for the Government and people of Bangladesh to successfully build a “Sonar Bangla”

Mr.Tran Van Khoa said , there are immense prospects and potentials for cooperation across all areas between Viet Nam and Bangladesh. Therefore, I strongly hope that based on achievements throughout 45 years of diplomatic relations, with the determination of high-level leaders, our excellent friendship will be further enhanced and deepened in more effective and substantial ways in all fields of cooperation so as to live up to the aspirations and interests of our two countries’ leaders and people.

Picture – Ashim Benedict Palmer

To mark this milestone in our relations, it is my honor to introduce Viet Nam – Bangladesh cultural program with performers from Viet Nam and Bangladesh. This is the first time the Ritual for Vietnamese Three Places Worship – the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage has been performed in Bangladesh. I hope that the vibrant cultural program during the Reception today will help to further tighten bonds and widen understandings between people of the two countries.


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