Foreign Office Consultations hold between Bangladesh and Lithuania

Foreign Office Consultations (FOC) was held between Bangladesh and Lithuania on 31st August 2018 at Vilnius. Bangladesh delegation comprised Ambassador Kamrul Ahsan, Secretary (Bilateral & Consular), Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Head of Delegation, Dr. S. M. Saiful Hoque, Bangladesh Ambassador in Moscow and concurrently accredited to Lithuania, Director General (East Europe & CIS) and Embassy officials.

Lithuanian delegation comprised Mr. Albinas Zananavičius, Vice-Minister of Lithuania Foreign Ministry as Head of Delegation, Director General (Asia & Pacific, Latin America and Africa), Director General (UN and HR) and other officials of Lithuanian Foreign Ministry.

During the FOC, Ambassador Ahsan appreciated the Lithuanian side for hosting the FOC. He called for more engagement and investment of the Lithuanian government in Bangladesh. In this respect, he encouraged the Lithuanian businessmen to set up joint ventures in Bangladesh, especially in garments sector.

Both sides discussed the importance of Government-to-Government contacts and institutional cooperation for promoting the economic cooperation.

The Lithuanian side informed that they have expertise in ICT, e-commerce, e-governance and aviation maintenance sectors. Currently, 02 (two) Lithuanian companies are working in IT sector in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh side encouraged the Lithuanian side to be engaged in Bangladesh in the sectors as well as to obtain land at our High-Tech Parks.

The Bangladesh side urged the Lithuanian side to ease the business visa. The Lithuanian Vice Minister assured that they will consider the matter. Both sides agreed that Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Agriculture and MoU between Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), Bangladesh and Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists (LPK) will be signed soon. The MoU on Foreign Office Consultations, it was agreed, would be signed also.

The Bangladesh head of delegation also briefed the Lithuanian Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs on the crisis faced by Bangladesh with the displaced Rohingya nationals. He called the Lithuanian side to extend necessary support with a view to resolving the crisis. Both delegations agreed that the pending visit of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of Bangladesh and the visit of their Prime Minister to Bangladesh should be organized soon.


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